A Musical Tribute To Counter-Strike's Most Frustrating Moments

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Counter-Strike is an amazing, brilliantly tactical game. It can also be total bullshit sometimes.

Dragonu Ro put together a song/video tribute to his love-hate relationship with Valve’s perennially popular shooter. [UPDATE: Turns out, he didn’t! He took the video from Stagged, its real creator. Apologies for the error.]


From constant container disappointments, to shitty teammates, to hyper-skilled players with smurf accounts, to the fucking flash grenades that always leave you feeling like a helpless idiot, Stagged pretty much nailed it all.

Then he set it to the tune of “What A Wonderful World”:

“I see smurfs killing me / I ask, ‘What can I do?’ / They’re really saying / ‘Bitch. Fuck. You.’”


The whole thing is clever and well put-together. Give it a couple moments of your time, and maybe compose a verse or two of your own if you’re feeling poetic/full of righteous rage toward a video game you can’t stop playing.


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