A Murder Mystery Where You're Already Dead

Yes, you're dead, and you're trying to figure out the identity of your killer. You're a murder victim in an adventure game that looks just like Earthbound.

Why Am I Dead At Sea is the follow-up to the very similar Why Am I Dead, which was uploaded to Newgrounds in 2012 November. You're a murder victim in a hotel cut off from the outside world, and by possessing various NPCs, you have to find out who killed you. You can play it here, if you're interested. It's sort of like a fan game version of Murdered.

At Sea will basically be more of the same thing, but with the improvements you'd expect from a traditional sequel—longer, more varied, and more complex, which is good, considering you can beat the original game in just a couple minutes. You're still a murder victim, but you're on a boat, and your possession powers can even be upgraded at one point, letting you peer inside people's heads.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, aiming for a release on PC in early 2015. If you're a fan of good murder mysteries, you might wanna keep it on your radar.


Why Am I Dead At Sea [Greenlight]

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Such a game already exists