Savannah College of Art and Design game design student Ben "MNC Dover" Gray saw more than just a chance to draw dicks with Nintendo's free Swapnote program for the 3DS. He saw a chance to draw +4 vorpal dicks.


What Ben is proposing in this video is a nifty variation of good old play-by-mail Dungeons & Dragons type games. One player is the dungeon master, organizing the adventure, setting up the dungeons, and writing out the flavor text. He sends out notes to the players indicating what they see, they send him back notes saying what they do.

It reminds me of the good old days when we used to play our own role-playing games via the forums of local dial-up BBS systems, pre-internet era. Could be a hoot!

Hit up the link below for more details on Ben's game, and who knows, maybe get involved in further developing it!

Swapnote RPG [YouTube]

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