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Tired of putting your hands in the air and waving them like you care only about getting to the finishing line? Too lazy to craft your own stable Wii racing wheel out of everyday household items for us in Mario Kart Wii? Well then head over to Success-HK, where they have recently released the Blazepro Realistic Racing Wheel for the Wii. Using the magical power of suction cups, the Realistic Racing Wheel attaches to any smooth surface for that not-nearly-flailing-as-much feel, with the added benefit of giving your tired arms something to rest on. As a special added bonus, the wheel detaches from the base for air-driving action.


Of course it might not be the best quality product on the market, but you can't beat the price. The Realistic Racing Wheel can be yours now for only $5.87, plus shipping. Quick! Someone buy one and let us know how it is so we don't all make the same mistake!

Nintendo Wii Realistic Racing Wheel [Success-HK via Wii News - Thanks Wraggy!]

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