A More Advanced Look At Splinter Cell Conviction

You've read Totilo's hands-on with Splinter Cell Conviction from the Tokyo Game Show; now watch game designer Dean Evans walk us through the level, showing off the game's innovative new features.

This is the same mission Totilo played through at TGS earlier this year, only this time around they've got Ubisoft developers playing the game, so they didn't need to turn off God Mode. I actually understand where Stephen was coming from though. My first instinct when given a gun and a bunch of guards is to run in and shoot them all before they shoot me. It generally takes me at least an hour to slip myself into the stealth mindset required to guide Sam through his missions, and I definitely have to be in a stealthy sort of mood or it just doesn't work.


That having been said, Splinter Cell Conviction definitely has me in a stealthy sort of mood. Let's hope it lasts until February.



This is going to be a CRAZY new definition of the Splinter Cell series (or Stealth Action in general). I loved it before- at times- from the Montreal studio, but this looks like a movie. And I mean that in a very, very possitive way. Instead of hitting PLAY and watching the movie- I'm PLAYING the movie I'm watching. This will be really hard core gaming, but approachable by those new to the series. I can't wait to see the many different angles to attach a situation from. #splintercellconviction