A Minecraft X-Wing, On Its Way to Blow Up the Death Star

Held together by Slime Blocks and Redstone, the Minecraft X-Wing blazes through the trench, heading towards the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port.


This is the video the GIF’s from:

As you can see, in real-time, the X-Wing actually moves a lot more slowly.


The video showcases a Command Block-based X-Wing made by MythicalSnowman, on Adrian Brightmoore’s Death Star map. Cubehamster, who put the clip together and submitted the trench run webm to Reddit, noted in a comment that the footage was sped up 32x to create the effect.

If you wanna have a look at it yourself, you can find instructions to summon the X-Wing in your Minecraft world here.

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I never expected an animated X-Wing going by the article’s title; that’s really neat!