A Massively Multiplayer Mummy? Madness!

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Why does it always have to be mummies? Bigpoint is bringing Brendan Fraser-powered film franchise The Mummy online, with a massively multiplayer online game due out in winter 2010.


Developed by Pittsburgh-based Schell Games in partnership with Universal Partnerships and Licensing, The Mummy Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer action RPG set in the 1930's adventure serial world of The Mummy film franchise. Gamers will wander about 1930's Egypt, running into familiar film characters as they battle supernatural enemies for the good of the world and experience points.

"We're excited to have the opportunity to work with The Mummy film franchise," said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games. "The action-packed story of Egyptian mythology and 1930's fortune hunters provides a great backdrop for our team to build an awesome online game experience."

The game is being developed using the Unity 3D technology that so many web-based game developers are salivating over these days.

What an odd development. For me the main draw of The Mummy franchise was the characters, from Brendan Fraser's witty and charming action hero to that one guy who yes, looks a lot like Crecente.

Will that character-based charm carry over into a massively multiplayer online action RPG with generic characters? I guess we'll find out this winter.



Now this is serious business. First off, in such a setting, you can't really make an interesting backdrop, because it's just sand, spiced up with a few sandrocks.

Otherwise what classes would you have? Adventure-dude, Adventure-chick, mummy, and annoying sidekick?

I may be a bit skeptical, but seriously. Also, I will main annoying sidekick, so I can use my lvl 5 run-around-scream ability to go leroy jenkins before a raid.