A Marriage Built On Love, Respect, And The Need To Catch Them All

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In today's love-fueled Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Maureliuswolf explains just how amazing his Pokémon-loving wife as they ramp up to their second anniversary.


I was planning on waiting to get the 3DS until OoT comes out; however, my wife had other plans.

You see, two weekends ago, we saw the deal on Kotaku for Pokémon White and Black on Amazon for $50. We only had one DS and knew that in June we'd have another. So we went ahead and snatched those up. They arrived on Tuesday and I said I'd put off opening mine until I got the 3DS. Sounded like a great plan, right up until my wife opened Black.


Inside the case a lovely little paper that details that I have 5 days to get Victini. I quickly search how far in the game Liberty Island is and realize that I have to beat the first two gyms before I can go get the Psychic/Fire imp. This compelled me to open up White on Friday, fearing I would miss my opportunity. While my wife was busy with Infinity Blade, I was making the mad dash to Victini.

I finally caught it around midday Saturday. I had already called up GameStop and asked if we could temporarily use one of the DSs to trade my Victini to my wife's copy of black along with the starter I was not planning on use for the rest of the game. Our Saturday was already booked; however, Sunday was wide open at this point. I should also explain that I was planning on getting a second Victini for trading purposes of other exclusive Pokémon.

Sunday rolls around and I tell her to catch junk Pokémon so that it's not a big deal when they get permanently erased. She asks me what color 3DS do I plan on getting. I see the wheels turning in her mind and say I'm unsure. She apparently couldn't keep it a secret any longer and said that she wanted to walk into GameStop and say "We're here to buy a 3DS" to surprise me.

Needless to say, I was very grateful considering I thought I'd be waiting until early June at a minimum. It was an early second anniversary present (I've had hers brewing for a while); I get the feeling her re-kindled obsession with Pokémon had some influence in the timetable.


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Now I don't have either Black or White but this whole timed exclusive pokemon thing seems like a huge scam that basically means you can't get a 100% completion rate if you didn't buy the game immediately at launch.