A Lovely Video Game Ballad To Invigorate Our Jaded, Shrunken Hearts

Last year's To The Moon was an emotional game, a throwback storybook that really wore its heart on its sleeve. I liked it a lot.

A big part of the game's emotional oomph came from the music, which was composed by its creator, Kan Gao. But the song that many people will associate with it is Plants Vs Zombies composer (and singer, and songwriter) Laura Shigihara's "Everything's Alright."


This week, Shigihara released a remixed version, which she sings for you, the viewer. Sit back and enjoy. It's okay if the room gets a little dusty.

I like how the one harmony-singing version of Laura is wearing a jacket and scarf. If they were a girl-band, she'd be "The badass one."

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