If you're fiendishly addicted to Destiny like I am, your number one complaint is likely this: once you get past level 20, there's not enough to do.

Well, also there's the terrible writing, the unskippable cut-scenes, the infuriating random loot tables, the awful grind for upgrade materials, the lack of raid matchmaking, the fact that every mission is just "deploy Ghost then fight off waves of random enemies," the strike repetition, the lack of enemy variety, and the way that Xbox players get totally screwed.


But, also, there's not enough to do. So it is with great anticipation we await The Dark Below, Bungie's high-priced first expansion pack for the game that many of us just can't stop playing. If you're also a member of Destiny Anonymous (hi, I'm Jason!), you'll want to watch Bungie's new video (above) that shows off some of the new things we'll see in The Dark Below. (For a full list of the new features, check this post.)

Best part: That new raid is looking great—"One way trip!"—and if it's anything like Vault of Glass, we're in for something special. And did I spot players in the Cosmodrome with the sword from that one Moon mission? Very cool. Granted, we're only getting three new story missions, but if they do more interesting things than the rest of Destiny's main quest line, at least they'll be worth replaying for a while.

Worst part: Are we really just going to have to fight the same four Hive enemies over and over again? And why are they still pretending that this game has a story? They know this is Destiny, right?


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