A Live-Action Battlefield 4, Through the Eyes of YouTube's FreddieW

After teaming up with EA to produce a Battlefield 3 commercial, Internet sensation Freddie Wong—best known for geeky, homemade film shorts that riff on Splinter Cell, Halo and Portal—stayed on set to create the video seen above. This one imagines what asynchronous co-op play might look like for that game's inevitable sequel. "Battlefield 4" does an ingenious job of visualizing how communication and co-ordination might look like across the huge levels that DICE's series is known for. It's also nice to see what FreddieW and crew can do with a bigger budget.


Battlefield 4: Co-op [YouTube]


One day the graphics will get so close to reality (running in realtime). I keep saying after each iteration of such games like Battlefield that the graphics "look so realistic." I keep going back after a year when something even better looking comes out and just find myself amazed at how far we've gotten....then start the same cycle over again