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A Little Background On The World's First Ever Video Game Magazine

Illustration for article titled A Little Background On The Worlds First Ever Video Game Magazine

If you're stuck with spare time on your hands this holiday week, you should sit down with this excellent interview with Arnie Katz, one of the co-founders of the world's very first video game magazine.


That magazine was Electronic Games, a title many of our older (American) readers will no doubt be familiar with. Starting all the way back in 1981, the magazine was the world's first publication dedicated solely to video games, and in its initial run (it would later make a brief comeback in the 1990's) lasted until 1985.

The interview is a fascinating insight into not just the history of one video game magazine, but all video game magazines. You can check it out at Gamasutra below.


Electronic Games: The Arnie Katz Interview [Gamasutra]

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In 1981 I was 9. My older brother used to subscribe to Electronic Games. I used to steal it from his room and read it all night long.

In 1989 he bought me the Electronic Gaming Monthly buyers guide for my birthday. At the time I thought, is this Electronic Games triumphant return?