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A Little Arrested Development Comes to Call of Duty

It'll take more than Facebook-with-guns for people to sign up for Activision's Call of Duty: Elite service. Which is probably why the publisher is bringing original content from two of the stars of Arrested Development to the platform.


Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, who played brothers Michael and Gob Bluth on the funny-as-hell TV show, run a company called DumbDumb productions, and will "create original video programming" that will only be available to members of the Call of Duty service.


It's not known at this time whether this content will be free to all members, or restricted to only those on a paid subscription.

Arnett is a massive Call of Duty fan with friends on the development team at Infinity Ward, and will be giving a preview of the new show at the upcoming Call of Duty XP event.

'Change-Up' Star Jason Bateman, Will Arnett Creating 'Call of Duty Elite' Content [THR]


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