A List Of Things I Still Have To Do In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

“Increase my Stamina Wheel” is not on this list.
“Increase my Stamina Wheel” is not on this list.

According to my Nintendo Switch, I’ve put more than 125 hours into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve defeated Ganon, of course. I’ve also taken down an army of monsters, completed a bunch of shrine puzzles, and found a ton of Korok seeds. There’s still so much to do.

Like a lot of people, I took a break from Breath of the Wild after Nintendo detailed the game’s first downloadable expansion, which comes out next week on June 30. It’s called The Master Trials, and it adds a few new challenges for Link, some new gear, and a new difficulty level. I am excited about all of that stuff, and I want to save some of the game for it. I’d been happily eating chips and dip, only to learn that our server would be bringing a tasty new variety of dip in 30 minutes. I don’t want to eat all the chips before the new dip arrives, or I won’t have anything to put the dip on.

In anticipation of the expansion, I’ve gone back into my Zelda game to check my to-do list.


Here’s what I have left to do in Breath Of The Wild:

  • 34 side quests. I have almost half of the 76 possible side quests still to complete. I know the side quests in Breath of the Wild aren’t exactly The Witcher 3 material, but I still like doing them. Yes, even the ones where you have to bring a specific weapon to a specific person.
  • 10 shrine quests. I’ve solved 32 shrine quests, but still have 10 to go. Where are they? What do they involve? I have three of them in my quest log, but the other seven are a mystery.
  • 22 shrines. I’ve completed 98 of the 120 shrines in the game, which leaves 22 for me still to complete. I turned off my shrine detector a long time ago, but I might have to turn it on to find the last few.
  • 753 Korok Seeds. I’ve found 147 of the 900 Korok Seeds in the game, which feels like a lot and is actually a hilariously tiny amount. This is the one thing I might not be able to do on my own, even with the Korok Detector hat that comes with the DLC. I love finding the little dudes, but 753 is a big number. If you asked me to count to 753 right now, I wouldn’t want to do it because it would take so long.
  • The vast majority of the Hyrule Compendium. I never really focused on filling out my Hyrule Compendium, and it’s probably too late to start now. Is there a compelling reason to do this? I feel like there isn’t.
  • An intimidating number of armor upgrades. I spent one April weekend getting deep into upgrading my armor, but was only able to complete a tiny number of the total upgrades that my wardrobe requires. I got my full Guardian Armor, Champion’s Tunic, Hylian Trousers, and Amber Earrings up to four stars, but everything else is three at best. Miles to go.
  • A bunch more stuff from Fang and Bone. I’ve purchased several masks from Kilton, but still haven’t bought most of his really good stuff, including the hilarious Dark Link outfit. I want it so bad, and it’s so expensive. It will be mine. I also gather that Kilton has a quest related to minibosses, and I kind of want to complete that.
  • The Desert Labyrinth. I’ve beaten the other two, and had a good time. The desert one has a roof, which makes it more difficult. It’s really just a matter of going there and not leaving until I finish.
  • I’m sorry about the chips and dip analogy from before. I’ve been thinking about it since I wrote it, because it was pretty bad. I could have cut it and the article would have been fine, but I left it in because I’m hungry. That’s no excuse, and I apologize.
  • Hateno Village. I’ve yet to make any real progress helping Hudson build Hateno Village. I really want to make this one happen, so like the labyrinth, it’s just a matter of focusing on the quest and figuring out what the guy needs.
  • Leviathan Bones…? I think this quest involves finding all of the big-ass skeletons scattered around Hyrule, and even think I’ve found most of them on my own. But I actually haven’t gotten the quest yet and don’t know where to get it. I only know that it exists because I’ve heard people talk about it. Also, whenever I think about this quest, I start singing “Outside Bones” by Titus Andromedon.
  • Some sort of coliseum? A commenter once told me there’s a coliseum somewhere. I gather it has Lynel in it. I think I once saw a screenshot of it online. I’ve never been able to locate it, and have no real idea where it is. (Don’t tell me!)
  • Whatever is located here. There’s this ring of statues (I guess?) located in the desert near Gerudo Town:
Stephen tells me there’s something cool there and I haven’t had time to go check it out. Maybe this is the coliseum? One way to find out.
Stephen tells me there’s something cool there and I haven’t had time to go check it out. Maybe this is the coliseum? One way to find out.
  • Probably like ten other things I don’t know about. I’ve taken great pains to avoid looking up Breath of the Wild tips or spoilers, which means there are still secrets I don’t know about and locations I haven’t found. Whenever I play this game, I usually wind up discovering at least three or four cool things I hadn’t known about. I’m sure that will happen plenty more times.

As soon as next week’s DLC hits, I’ll dive back in and start checking more items off my list. I like Breath of the Wild enough that it’s plausible that I’ll actually finish everything by the end of the year.


Okay, except maybe the Korok Seeds.

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