You could say that's pretty big. You can say it's even as big as Pikachu really is, because, well, it is.

Japanese clothing chain Beams is offering a life-sized 6-kilogram (13.22-pound) stuffed Pikachu. I had no idea Pikachu was so damn heavy! However does Ash lug that creature around all the time?

According to Beams, the size (40 cm high) and the weight (6 kg) are official, making this a perfect one-to-one scale Pikachu.

What's also interesting is that, as website Kai-You points out, this is the first-gen Pikachu. You know, the chubbier Pikachu. So the design is slightly different from the current, thinner Pikachu.


Priced at 18,360 yen (US$168), pre-orders for the plush have kicked off in Japan for a November release. It comes with an original tote bag, because first gen Pikachu is big and heavy.


【予約】ポケモン×BEAMS /  等身大同重量 1/1スケール ピカチュウ [Beams]

初代ポケモン版の等身大ピカチュウ、BEAMSでゲットだぜ! [Kai-You]

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