A LEGO Sound Blaster Wouldn't Be As Hard To Install

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If LEGO can make money off our nostalgia for the old days of toys and movies, then surely it’s not too big a leap to start milking our feelings for old video game hardware as well.


This LEGO Ideas campaign, by British artist Bhaal_Spawn, wants to recreate in brick form perhaps the most iconic piece of PC tech from the 1990s (at least this side of a CD-ROM drive and Thrustmaster): Creative Labs’ Sound Blaster Pro 2 sound card.

I have nothing but terrible memories of sound cards, the joy of hearing my favorite games actually speak and play nonstop bangers to me undone quickly by how much of a pain in the ass they were to configure on a game-by-game basis.

Modern PC gaming is better without them (unless you’re a very serious audiophile), but maybe modern LEGO would be better with them. Especially if this is successful and we get a CD-ROM drive and Thrustmaster next.


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