A History Of The Killing Tools Of Video Games

Gaming art collective iam8bit have teamed up with the organisers of the Game Developers Conference to release some posters for attendees. Each person gets two. Since you probably won't get one, here they are!


They're cheery, chirpy timelines showing some of video gaming's most memorable items. Some are for killing, like swords, guns, and chainsaws. Others are for power, like stars and pills. And some are just for playing music on.

While some like Final Fantasy VII and Street Fighter's contributions are easy to identify, others are a little more obscure, especially if you've never played a Lucasarts or Sierra adventure game


Because each GDC attendee gets a pair of posters, expect a few to end up on eBay if you're really keen on getting your hands on one.

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Booo I thought it said "A history of killing fools in video games". That would have been a way better story