A Hero's Spell-Stealing Ability Just Wrecked Team Secret's Night in DOTA 2

Secret’s PieDieLie at ESL One New York, by Robert Paul for ESL. Source

Team Secret’s new DOTA 2 super-roster is off to an iffy start at ESL One Manila. Some lack of coordination has put them on the verge of elimination early following losses in their group.

They’re currently fighting for their lives against Empire. Secret were up a game and were looking for the knockout victory when this happened. Secret were pushing down mid when their own Black Hole spell was used against them by Empire’s Rubick, who immediately turned the game on its head.

And then, almost fifty minutes later, Empire won what had turned into the longest game of the tournament by doing the exact same thing.


Meanwhile, it’s Team Liquid and Fnatic who looked the sharpest of any teams in the group stage, with Liquid continuing to build on their performance at the Shanghai Major. It’s worth noting that Liquid and Fnatic are also two of the more stable teams at this tournament, with lineups that have played together consistently for several months.

In addition to Liquid and Fnatic, China’s Wings Gaming team edged past CompLexity this morning to advance to the playoff bracket. They will face Fnatic late tonight in the semifinal, while Liquid plays the winner of Empire / Secret.

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