Later this week, the indie game Fez will be released, and so we'll need to give some new game to title of Coolest-Looking-Indie-We-Can't-All-Play-Yet. Which game deserves it? Spy Party? The Witness?


I submit that Monaco, the co-op heist game from Andy Schatz, is a game for this throne. The video here makes the argument.

Monaco has evolved significantly since I first saw it in 2010. (It was so... blocky back then!) It's been shown at multiple Penny Arcade Expos. It's been winning awards. It's set for release some time this year on PC, Mac and at least one unspecified console.


And so we wait...

Release this game, Andy Schatz! (Please?)

Andy gave us a demo of the newest build this past weekend at PAX East. We took a video of it. Enjoy!

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