A Handful Of Alan Wake Details

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Here we are, years on from the first unveiling of Alan Wake, and what do we know? Almost nothing! So while these new details are hardly major, their rarity makes them satisfying nonetheless.


An interview with Remedy Entertainment's Oskari Hakkinen reveals that the game will, like Max payne before it, introduce a key gameplay innovation/gimmick. But while Max brought us bullet time, Alan will be using the light as a "crucial element", which features not only in regular gameplay but in combat as well.

So yes, there will be shooting. Just...not much. The game is being pitched as a "psychological action game", and Hakkinen says that, despite the crazy nature of the game, you won't be fighting monsters or zombies or anything like that.


More familiar details can be found at the link below.

The Mystery of Alan Wake [IGN]

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Darth Tigris

This would annoy me more if I didn't know that Remedy was such a SMALL team and they are wanting to keep it that way. Yeah, its unfortunate that it was announced so early, but what can you do now ...?