Anyone remember Uplink? Yeah, this game is like that, only not thirteen years old.


Disrupt, as it's called, is a deceptively simple-looking game, much like Uplink. It's mostly text-based, as you can see in the trailer below:

In-game, you're a hacker who manages to gain access to the government's NexOS, which gives you the ability to freely hack into the cyber infrastructure of major cities to do all sorts of things—stealing files, removing incriminating data, or planting false evidence, all the while avoiding detection in a Hollywood-style hacking interface.


The Greenlight page further entices with promises of an engaging, choice-filled story and full modding support. Overall, it's looking pretty good so far! Hacker: Evolution was alright, but it didn't quite match the sense of freedom and sleekness of Uplink. Hopefully, Disrupt can.

Disrupt [Steam Greenlight]

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