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A Hack That Gets You The Most Taco Bell Food For Your Money

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's late at night, you've got a pocketful of crumpled bills and coins, and your hunger exceeds your self-esteem. Thanks to a clever hack, now all you have to do is send your budget to a special email address to generate a maximum calorie Taco Bell menu.

The Taco Bell Disrupt, created during the hackathon held prior to TechCrunch's Disrupt NY 2014 this weekend, was crafted by developer Kunal Batra of Sendgrid, who came up with the idea during a late night Taco Bell run on the way to the event. He scraped the data from Taco Bell's website, used a Python backend to compile the data, and presto — the best bang for your buck.


All you have to do to use the hack is send an email to, with the amount of money you'd like to spend in the subject line — no dollar signs. Within moments, you'll get something like this:


Neat! That's way too many calories, and all for under seven dollars!

It's a cool little hack, with a lot of potential. Add more restaurants, adjust for local taxes, maybe add in an easily ignored message warning the user they're about to make themselves sick, and we're in business.