A Guy Who Used to Be a Dragon Is the Star of This Week’s Nintendo Download

Stumbling back to work after the holiday break? Take this friendly tip: don't mouth off to your boss. Because if you do, next thing you know, he'll cast you out from the heavens, forcing you to shed your glorious dragon form and ally yourself with all manner of neurotic human striplings. Or maybe you'll get a strongly worded memo.

That first scenario is what happens in Unchained Blades, a dungeon crawler published by XSEED that hits the 3DS this week. That Japanese title is joined by a digital version of Code of Princess, Atlus' scantily-clad brawler that came out in physical form in October.


Along with those releases, Nintendo platforms also see versions of right-purty cowboy sidescroller Gunman Clive and smaller snowboarding and air hockey games. Here's the full list:

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