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Despite a recent delay, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to be the new-gen game to watch, but it's the third entry in a massive fantasy series with lore lining every crag of its handsomely (and lustily) scarred face. Where to begin? This video will help. And no, it's not about witches.

ShoddyCast, they of the excellent Fallout lore video series, have put together a primer for The Witcher exploring the ins and outs of its dingy, mutant-packed take on dark fantasy. It's a bit lengthy, but it's substantially more entertaining than reading a pile of Wikipedia entries about stories that span video games and books. You'll even find out what a witcher is (hint: still not a witch).


For people who've played the other Witcher games, the video delves into some of the series' histories and the origins of forces like magic. It's worth a watch as a refresher, if nothing else. It does not, however, explore the origins of the magical force that is Geralt's new beard, but I suppose we shouldn't open all our Christmas presents before the big day.

Now then, five more months to go until Witcher 3. Can anyone brew a witcher potion that gives me a weeks-long bonus to patience?

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