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A Great Final Fantasy Artist Draws Final Fantasy XIII

Illustration for article titled A Great Final Fantasy Artist Draws Final Fantasy XIII

Yoshitaka Amano, known for his Final Fantasy character and logo designs, did not do character designs for FFXII — but did design the game's now iconic title. But if he did draw the characters of FFXIII?


The characters in Final Fantasy XIII were designed by Tetsuya Nomura, but Amano offers his take on the cast of FFXIII in this drawing.

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Ok I invite the flame in when i say this but IMHO...

God I can't stand Amano's art. Yes he's very good at his craft. Yes his work is Iconic. I get it. The dude's a beast. Blah blah blah.

Every time I look at it I want to bang my head against the wall. His characters are all so freaking pale I feel like im reading some vampire shoujo manga (which hey i enjoy one here and there, dont judge). Not only that but would it kill him to not have at least one character where there eyes are not half lidded!?

There all looking like they either A) want to eat you. Or B) Want to F*** you. Or possibly even C) Both or lastly D) Both at the same time.

This is one FF tradition I will gladly not only see pass, but personally throw in a chest, lock up tightly with steel chains, sail out into the ocean, then drop that bitch down into the marianas trench transformers megatron style.

Human torch me baby.