A Graphics Card That Will Melt At High Temperatures

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Don't go overclocking this LEGO graphics card. It'll melt into a puddle of rainbow goop.


Builder Nick V even made an accompanying specs sheet for it:

>>PowerBuild CRLMRM IRON HD 1640 9IB 64-bit HNSL DVD Extreme x32 HD Ready ABS Support Video Card

Get ready for the latest development in plastic-based video card technology! The PowerBuild IRON HD Video Card features state of the art construction including a Carl Merriam endorsed 7-blade fan to deliver smooth techniques and visual displays whilst running at a constant cool temperature.

>> 1640 Stream Processors

>> 9IB 64-bit ABS Drive

>> Third party enhancements

Oh, and just for the record, in case you would actually want to try and do it: LEGO actually melts at 105 degrees celcius (221 degrees fahrenheit).


PowerBuild IRON HD Video Card [Nick V, via Brothers Brick]

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Sniper Gillespie

I've been out of the Legos scene for a while...in fact probably half of my total life span so far. I thought Legos only came in bricks...as in little rectangular blocks with nubby things on top. How do you all those detailed parts out of Legos...like the fan, capacitors and stuff? Are those made of Lego parts too?