A Gory Flash Game From 2010 Is The Hottest Thing On The App Store Right Now

Happy Wheels has been on the internet for a long time. You’ve probably played it, or watched a YouTuber play it, or at least heard of this gruesome ragdoll physics game. Well, now it’s on iOS—and I dove in to see whether or not it still holds up.

You can see me go through a few of the introductory levels in the video above, if you’d like. The game is free on iOS right now, which helps explain part of why it’s been the number one free game on iOS for the last week.


The QWOP-like game already had a massive audience of millions online, and the mobile version allows you to take its deadly courses on the go. Provided, of course, you don’t mind the occasional ad. Or the fact that you’re limited to a single character. Right now, only the segway guy is available—more characters are coming down the line, though.

Turns out, watching a guy on a segway explode in the most comical way possible is still as funny in 2015 as it was back in 2010. Who would have thought?

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I love the flash version - i wouldn’t have expected to ever see it on the Appstore..

It seems extremely grey for an Apple Approved game? Once the bike with the kid on the back seat is available... Children getting exploded, bones and stuff everywhere? Does it still have custom maps? Some of those were very NSFW. Very strange!