Illustration for article titled A Gorgeous Game That Lets You Explore The Titanic. Right Up Until, You Know, It Sinks.

Back in 2011, we showed you footage of a project some fans were putting together, in which the entire RMS Titanic was being recreated using the same engine that powers Crysis 3. Inside and out.


That project is now back with a more substantial goal in mind, with the team behind it launching an Indiegogo campaign to have their efforts turned into an actual video game set aboard the luxurious/doomed vessel.

It's hoped the cash raised will lead to the development of two ways to play; one that simply lets you explore every corner of the ship and interact with passengers before "experiencing" the sinking, and another more involved, adventure game-type scenario that sees you cast as a man out to clear his name.


Titanic: Honor and Glory [Indiegogo]

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