You play video games, right? Then, perhaps, you've come across a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo 3DS XL. If so, you'll know vaguely how big Apple's new smartphones are.

Twitter user HaltroN1 created this image, which looks to be a fairly accurate comparison between the new iPhones and the gaming handhelds.

I realize that there are other smartphones that are way bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus. It's just charming that this Twitter user thought the best way to express their size was through Nintendo portables.

So far, this image has been retweeted over five thousand times after being uploaded earlier today in Japan.

Update: Japanese Twitter user Kazuharukina made this handy PS Vita comparison.


iPhone6の大きさわかりにくいから個人的にわかりやすいのと並べたけど [HaltroN1]

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