A Good Look At Official Post-Final Fantasy X-2 Character Art

[Image: konoha_zack]
[Image: konoha_zack]

Square Enix just kicked off a Final Fantasy 30th anniversary exhibit in Tokyo. Among the displays was this Tidus and Yuna character art.


The art might look familiar, because black and white versions of these Tetsuya Nomura character designs, as well as ones for Chuami and Kurgum, were included in the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster’s credits and bonus audio disc.

That was in 2013. Now, in 2018, the designs are back, but this time they are being shown in color for the first time, specifically for this exhibition.

While fans have called these Final Fantasy X-3 character designs, Square Enix states that these are “illustrations of Tidus and Yuna after the events of Final Fantasy X-2.”


Yeah, yeah, that’s technically FFX-3, but that’s what Square Enix says!

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Seoul Sister

Cool, another FFX article and excuse to SHAME YOU ALL.

Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite games of the franchise, and the themes and world building are absolutely stellar. Everything, all the main plots, most of the subplots, etc. trace back to the core themes of the game and it is just a superbly competently made game. The characters develop really well, and the Tidus & Yuna relationship makes a lot of sense (rather than just ‘he protagonist & she protagonist, obviously they fall in love’) and develops really nicely. It’s probably my favorite romantic relationship in a Final Fantasy since Rosa & Cecil (which is another thing I could go into).

But the whole thing with cycles, and death, and mortality, and Spira being a place that is held in the thrall of death - i.e. with people cowed by their fear of Sin destroying their lives, but also in the thrall of Death, in the sense that their government/leaders are literally the undead, ego-driven Unsent, it’s all really well done. Death rules everything in Spira, often in a literal sense. The supposed answer to saving the world is again, death - Yuna’s death. The desperation and mortality hangs over all the game - playing the first half of the game when you know the twist of what is involved in the Final Summoning makes all the interactions between all the characters that much deeper and more interesting.

It’s good, it’s so good, I swear to you people.

As far as a Final Fantasy game goes, it is a remarkably coherent plot with actual themes and storytelling that goes beyond ‘saving the world.’ For such a long story-telling franchise, and as fun as some of the stories are, a lot of them are far looser and more gonzo narratives that written far less competently.

I could go on about how cool the sphere grid system actually is, or even point out that Blitz Ball actually gets really cool and competitive when you get further into it. Or I could write more about how the aesthetic and fashion of Spira is one of the most brilliant and original Final Fantasy has ever been, it’s really lovely. Or I could point out that Tidus’s early shittiness is largely intentional because the whole point of the character is that he grows beyond that.

But despite all this, look below this article at the Recommended stories and you see three god-damned stories about the Laughing scene, and that’s all anyone will talk about. Bleugh! Shame on all y’all. FFX is gold.