A local movie theater in Penghu, Taiwan has created a stir with its Godzilla poster. It's so bad, it's good.

As reported by Taiwan's SET News, the poster shows a hand-drawn Godzilla, flashing the peace symbol. In the background, you can see the Taipei 101 landmark skyscraper.

According to SET News, Godzilla looks like he's turning into a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball.


Here is how the homemade version compares to the official poster (pic via pttradiotw).

The poster appears to be drawing moviegoers—or at least, people who want to post photos of it online.


Remember to use rock when playing this Godzilla in Rock-paper-scissors.


[Pic: kissjojoyoyoyo]

狂暴巨獸走鐘! 哥吉拉超有喜感│三立新聞台 [SETnews via GetNews]

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