A Gamer In Texas Helped Save Her UK Teammate After Hearing Him Have A Seizure Online

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Screenshot: Sky News (YouTube)

While playing and talking with his teammate online, a teen in the UK started to have a seizure. His teammate, a woman in Texas, heard him, and when he stopped responding, she called local police in the UK to help her teammate across the pond.


Aidan Jackson is 17 and lives in Widnes, England. As reported by the Liverpool Echo newspaper, on Jan. 2, he was playing online with Dia Lathora when he began feeling sick. Moments later Lathora heard, over the internet, what sounded like Jackson having a seizure. She tried to talk to Jackson but got no response.

“When he didn’t respond I instantly started to look up the emergency number for the EU,” Lathora told the Liverpool Echo. When she couldn’t find that number she instead called the non-emergency number and shared Jackson’s address and location with the police, who sent first responders to the home.

Jackson, 17, playing on his gaming PC.
Jackson, 17, playing on his gaming PC.
Screenshot: Sky News (YouTube)

Jackson’s parents were downstairs during the incident, unaware that their son was suffering from a seizure. When the police arrived at their home they had no idea why. One of the officers explained that they were responding to a call about an unresponsive male at this address that had come from America.

Jackson was rushed to a local hospital and stabilized. He is now back home and is waiting to see a doctor about his seizure. This isn’t his first seizure. Back in May 2019, a seizure sent him to the hospital.

After returning home, both Jackson and his parents thanked Dia Lathora. They are happy she was able to help.

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Amazing teammate right there. I’ve always wondered what the equivalent of ‘911' was in other countries?