A Game Where You Fight Giant Monsters... And Diabetes

No, it's not Captain Novolin. This one actually looks decent. A bit different, but decent.

Over at Kickstarter, a group called Game Equals Life is attempting to gather money for what at first glance might look like an edutainment game, but actually isn't. You've got a hero, see. A mage with a bitchin' cannon. Their job is to stop an ancient, evil king, all the while keeping their recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes in check. Of course, that involves...


... blood sugar levels, insulin, and carbohydrate counts, all of which you need to keep track of as your hero fights monsters and eats food to regain health. Seems odd, but if you think about it, it's actually a very sneaky way to educate people about a disease by introducing one of its crucial elements into the game as a resource management mechanic. Quite clever, really.

The campaign aims to collect $200,000 by the 29th of November, promising to deliver an action-adventure game late next year that, even for what is essentially a proof of concept prototype, already looks promising.

The Magi and The Sleeping Star [Kickstarter, thanks Nik!]

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idn about this, I think that the diabetes system isn't suited for this type of game, but who knows maybe it will work somehow