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A Game Where You Don't Play As Someone. You Play As Everyone.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

sonder is a sci-fi third-person action adventure game. So far so expected, but it has a neat twist: you're not playing as a single character.

Instead, while the narrative plays out, you're free - and encouraged - to switch between characters and play the role of anyone in the game. The idea being that while there's only a single story being told, you can see it multiple times through multiple sets of eyes, bringing you a new experience each time.


The motivation behind this is to get the player thinking not about right or wrong, but about perspective. You might make a tough call as one player that you think is right; experience the decision from another player's perspective and it might suddenly seem like a mistake.

Interestingly, while this sounds like a singleplayer game, the developers say that there'll be multiplayer as well.


Also: Alan Parsons sci-fi video game trailers are my new favourite thing.

sonder is still super early in development, but it's being planned for PC and "next-gen consoles".

sonder [official site]