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A Game That Lets You Solve Crimes By Yelling At Your Computer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ever looked at a blurry photograph on your computer and wanted to yell “enhance!” at it like they do on police procedurals? Well, now there’s a game just for you. is a browser game where you have to search an image to find a secret code that will stop a crime. You navigate around the image by issuing voice commands into your mic. Saying “move up” makes the picture drag upwards, saying “zoom in” zooms in on the image, and saying “enhance” takes a blurry picture and makes it clearer. You only have a minute, though, so you better work fast.


Shouting at your computer screen is super fun a lot like being in the movie Hackers. The voice commands can be tricky, such as when the game doesn’t understand what you said. Amusingly, it’ll tell you what it misheard your command as. Once I said “move left” and the game thought I said “blu-ray.” That’s cute, computer. Now move the friggin image left.


I haven’t successfully found a secret code yet, but at least the flavor text when you lose, which tells you what your mission was, is amusing. I was not able to save the Hollywood sign from replicants, or save Patrick Stewart from the dino genies, nor did I save Kate Bush from the Mafia. I’m going to keep trying, though. It’s a good excuse to yell at my computer.