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A Flying Hamster Shooting Beer - Is This The Best Game Ever Created?

The Game Atelier's upcoming PSP shooter The Flying Hamster features a hamster shooting sunflower seeds, fire, eggs, bananas, bees, and beer at enemies like pistol-packing penguins and milk-shooting cows. Fall in love with the first gameplay videos here.

To be honest here, I'm a fan of anything that contains hamsters. I love those little bastards, and if one of my cats wasn't prone to tearing their little bodies in two and leaving them in the hallway for me to discover after a long day's work, my house would probably reek of rodents. I suppose I should thank him.


The Flying Hamster features Newton the Hamster, on a quest to rescue his girlfriend, Sookie.


You know what, I can't type anymore without going 'D'awwwww.' Just watch the videos, and visit the game's newly opened website for more details.

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Oh man, that has got to be the game with most awesome characters and power ups I've ever seen...