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A Flock Of Pikachu Is What Heaven Looks Like

If you happened to be in Yokohama yesterday, then you might have noticed something incredibly adorable: a small "outbreak" of real-life Pikachu roaming around, being all cute.

It wasn't random happenstance. What you see in this video by Pokémon-France was a part of an event where a special Pikachu was distributed to players in Japan. According to Bulbanews, the event Pokémon is level 10, and it comes in a Cherish Ball. The Pikachu holds an event ribbon, and it knows the moves thunderbolt, quick attack, surf and hold hands. Pokemon France says the event was held to "celebrate the success of the 17th Pokémon movie, 'Cocoon Diancie and Annihilation.'"


While that's great and all, its really the fifty Pikachu on-site which make me envious about this event:


I can't handle it.

Thanks, Atlas!

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And no one threw a Poké Ball?