A Five-Minute MOBA Is Exactly What I Needed

There are quick fixes, and then there are incredibly quick fixes. When Spacetime Studios says Call of Champions is a five-minute MOBA, they mean it—five minutes is all you get.


Available now for iOS, Call of Champions isn’t the first mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, but it’s certainly the quickest. I still love my Vainglory, but I don’t always have 15-25 minutes to spend in the bathroom.

Like Vainglory, Call of Champions streamlines the MOBA formula, but does so to an extreme extent. No minions. No character leveling in-game. No store to purchase items. You just pick a character with five skills at the ready, join a team of two other players and hit the map.

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There are two lanes in the game, each marked by a glowing path. Each team has two towers in each lane. At the beginning of a round there is a sphere in the middle of each lane. The goal is for players to push that sphere into the other team’s towers to weaken and destroy them. Once the sphere hits the center position outside of the enemy base its walls fall, and it’s time to beat a building to death.

That’s an awful lot to do in just five minutes—few of my matches thus far have ended with base destruction. Once the time is up the team with the most tower kills wins. If that number is equal, the team with the most kills takes the crown.

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Win and your character earns experience points. Level up and you’ll be able to customize your champion of choice with a selection of perks using gold earned by completing challenges and winning matches.

There’s a nice selection of characters at launch, three of which are free and the rest which can be bought or earned. My personal favorite, MacKenna, is pretty much Cyborg from Teen Titans, but I don’t mind. As long as I am having a good time and I’m out of the bathroom before folks start becoming concerned for my health, I’m good.

Call of Champions is currently available for free on iOS.

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This is almost enough to get me to try the genre. The idea of being tied down to a game for up to 45 minutes with life going on around me has kept me away from the genre. Now if only they could do that on a console and not a phone. I like using controllers not touch screens