A First Look At the 3DS' Free Apps and Surprising Multitasking

Here's a quick look at the freebies built into the 3DS.

Will be pubbing a much more detailed look at these features later in the day, but an important thing we discovered is that a lot of these built in apps can run in the background.


For instance you can be playing Zelda Ocarina of Time in 3D, suspend the game and start taking notes, then jump straight back into the game.

Very useful idea.

Stay tuned to Kotaku's 3DS page for a day full of updates, interviews and videos.


(Additional video production work for this post by Bryan Ridgell.)

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You haven't seen that before? You can do that with the PS3, and I think Xbox...And Iphone/Touch.

Heck, the PSP Go has a pause option that suspends the game no matter what you were doing in it.