Just look at it. This fan art is based on Final Fantasy VIII's Balamb Garden, and it not only looks fantastic, but also screams HD remake for FFVIII.

This was created by Scott Honeycutt, a 3D environmental artist—and a talented one at that. These images have been floating around Japanese web forums, impressing Final Fantasy fans for good reason.

Honeycutt says, "Models, UVs and baking in 3ds Max, textures made with Photoshop and Quixel suite, render and materials in Unreal [Engine] 4. This is a game environment art portfolio piece made of low poly models with normal maps applied, and it uses a physically based rendering setup with metallic and roughness values."


You can see more of Honeycutt's wonderful work in the link below.

Scott Honeycutt [Portfolio]

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