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A Faster Way To Get Back To Your Lane In League Of Legends

Teleporting to base and then trudging all the way back to your position in a particular lane is one of the most tedious elements of League of Legends. The League player and YouTuber ScrapComputer offers a handy way to shave time off this process.

Posted on the League of Legends forums yesterday, ScrapComputer’s trick to recalling and then getting back to lane (he refers to the process as “backing,” which is cool too) isn’t really a trick at all. It’s pretty obvious once you realize it’s there. All you have to do is move your character to the edge of the the fountain. See here:

Simple, right? Just click to the “absolute edge” of the fountain before clicking into the shop to start buying stuff.


That way, you’ll still continue to heal and be able to buy stuff, but you’ll also shave a precious few seconds off your impending journey back to lane. It’s a neat little way to multitask.


It might sound small, but think about this in the aggregate: you need to get back to lane quickly so you can keep farming minion kills to increase your experience and gold accumulation, which in turn will make you go back to base to buy more powerful items sooner, which will make you want to get back to lane even probably see where this is going. As RiotOpti put it in a forum post: “This trick could net you minions that you might otherwise have missed, or even get you to the brewing fight at Dragon just in time to save a life—or take one.”

Brilliant! Thanks for the League of Legends lifehack, ScrapComputer. You can see more of his videos on his YouTube channel.


Lead image via LeaguesOutkasts

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