I guess this truly means there is a Facebook page for everything?

To mark the publication of photo book Hamuketsu (ハムケツ) or "Hamster Butts," a Facebook page was launched for folks to upload photos of their own furry friends' backsides for a cheeky photo contest.

[Photo: mi30kimi]

The amazing thing is that this isn't even the only hamster butt book. There is another one slated for publication on April 17. You can see the book's cover below:


[Photo: hamakiyo2912]

I also guess this means there is a book for everything as well? Er, two books.

As noted on Infoseek, here are some photos from the hamster butts Facebook page:



Hamster butts have become somewhat of a thing online in Japan. Last fall, threads appeared on 2ch, Japan's largest forum, with people gushing about how adorably cute hamster butts were.


Website Fun! even made hamster butt-shaped curry rice earlier this year. That was pretty cute, too.

You can see more hamster butts in the in the Facebook link below. Be sure to like your favorite tush to help pick the best hamster butt.


ハムケツ [Facebook]

今話題の「ハムケツ」のコンテストが開催されるらしい [Infoseek]

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