A Dramatic Reading Of The Names Of 400 Guns From Destiny 2

I performed a dramatic reading of the names of 400 guns from Destiny 2. Why did I do this? Well, one reason would be, “Why not?”

With the release of the Shadowkeep expansion, I started the game afresh in solidarity with my friends, who are playing the free-to-play New Light mode. So I haven’t progressed far into the game, and I haven’t accumulated much loot. However, I possess an urgent need to create content.


Therefore: I read a lot of gun names. For you! (Also, for me. It was fun.)

Bungie, if you’re listening: consider this my audition for the role of Gunfather in Destiny 3.


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Jack Napier

I’ve played this game pretty consistently for the last year or so, so I’ve read these names hundreds of times. And yet, you’ve somehow found a way to make them interesting again. I laughed at more than a few. So thank you for making this and I look forward to the Exotic one (if you ever do it)!

Question is, do you want to know the ones you mispronounced or live in blissful ignorance?