Nathan Kuruna has been driving across America - racking up hundreds of hours of interview footage - all in the name of his one-man documentary, Everything, By Everyone. About Newgrounds. And flash gaming.


Newgrounds has long been one of the internet's top destinations for time-killing, being a hub for a host of weird and wonderful games that are easy to learn, quick to finish and most important of all, free to play.

Chatting with everyone from the site's founder (and Castle Crashers co-creator!) Tom Fulp to G4's Kevin Pereira to Simpsons writer Mike Reiss and even animation legend John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy), Kuruna is cobbling together what looks to be an interesting take on the evolution of not just flash gaming on the internet, but of creativity and artistic opportunities in the online space as well.


Being a one-man production, Kuruna needs a bit of cash to get the whole thing together (and recoup his expenses), so he's started a Kickstarter page to help get things rolling. Hopefully he gets there in the end, because while there's no shortage of people willing to write about video gaming, there's still not enough people willing/able to get stuff down on film (at least when it's not being driven by PR or marketing).

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