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A Decent Showing By a Supposedly Bad Smash Bros. Character.

Illustration for article titled A Decent Showing By a Supposedly Bad emSmash Bros./em Character.

Just about nobody is playing as Ness today in today's Super Smash Bros. Melee competition at Evo 2014. Good reason. The Earthbound hero is considered a bottom-tier character for competitive play. But a guy named Vrud played him. He even dressed the part.


Vrud didn't win, but he put in a valiant effort that shocked Evo's announcers and excited the 30,000 people watching the Evo 2014 livestream.

Today's Smash matches are all best-of-three rounds. Vrud lost his the first round. Above, you'll see his second.


By contrast, here's a win by S2J, a top player using Captain Falcon, who is one of the better-regarded characters in the game:

And here's an incredible show of force by an exceptionally good Yoshi player, VGBC aMSa. Bear in mind, people used to think Yoshi wasn't a great character for competitive play!

You can watch all of the Evo 2014 matches for Smash and seven other fighting games via Twitch. We've got all three streams for you right here.

If you see any great Evo moments that you think are worth a spotlight on Kotaku, let me know!


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Nes and Lucas haven't been confirmed for the next Smash, right?

I know there are Earthbound stages, so they probably exist, but I'm praying that they were removed.

I totally know they're going to sneak in, sadly. At least Nes, ugh.