A Decade Of Diablo II

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Ten years ago today, Blizzard unleashed a second helping of hell on PC gamers. A decade later we're still waiting on a sequel. Let's celebrate ten years of Diablo II, while poking Blizzard to hurry up with the third game.

I distinctly remember picking up Diablo II at the CompUSA that used to be located off of Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell, Georgia on the day it was released - June 29, 2000. My parents were out of town and I was house sitting for them, so my first steps back into the lands of Sanctuary as a mighty amazon were taken in my mother's upstairs office.

I just started a new job, having recently returned from an ill-fated trip across the country, and between Diablo II, a blossoming relationship, and Dragon Con 2000, which took place over July 4th weekend that year, I nearly lost that job. Something about simply not showing up for work at all rubs employers the wrong way.


Of course I don't blame Blizzard for the precarious position I found myself in. Just because the game was a masterpiece doesn't excuse me from having self-control.

I will, however, blame them for not getting the third installment out in time for the tenth anniversary of the series. Hurry up already!

Anyway, head over to Blizzard's Diablo II Anniversary page to be thanked for ten years' of support, and then come back here to share your favorite Diablo II stories.

Diablo II 10-Year Anniversary [Blizzard]

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I loved Diablo II. If this were ported to consoles it would be an instant buy for me.