A Compilation Of People KO-ing Diddy Kong

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Diddy Kong is the reigning champ in Super Smash Bros. right now. This surprise shake-up of the Smash tiers has lead many to wonder when, if ever, the ape will fall. Oh, he'll fall alright. He just might need a little push first.

YouTubers EvenMatchupGaming posted a wonderfully silly video yesterday that shows ten memorable instances of Diddy Kong getting wrecked in the new Super Smash Bros. You can watch the whole thing right here:

I won't spoil it for you, but there's one that so awesome I couldn't help but pester one of my colleagues to turn it into a GIF.


It comes midway through the video, in a match between Smash pros ADHD (Diddy) and Zucco (Mega Man). ADHD gets knockedoff the right side of the stage hard—as in, he soars so far into the top-right corner of the stage that you'd be forgiven for guessing he was going to be KO-ed right then and there. Miraculously, he doesn't. Diddy charges up his jetpack and launches back towards then stage.

And that's when Zucco's Mega Man pulls off "the hardest read of his life," to quote one of the commentators:

Holy shit. Incredible fucking timing.

How do you like them apples, Diddy? (Or bananas, I guess?)

via Smashboards, lead image via Rush Hour Smash

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Things I learned from this video:

1) Diddy Kong ain't all that

2) Mew2King is a scrub