A Closer Look At Smash Bros.' Most Surprising New Character

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While there are a number of secret characters in the upcoming Smash Bros., one character in particular stood out from the rest. And now that people have had the chance to play some more of the Japanese version of the game, we can take a better look at what that character is all about.

If you don't want to be spoiled on secret Smash Bros. characters, please, stop reading now!

For the rest of you: I speak, of course, of Duck Hunt Dog. GameXplain has a short two minute video that's well-worth watching, as it showcases each and every one of Duck Hunt Dog's moves, taunts, and final smash:

Ah, I'm hyped. It might not be canon or whatever, but I really like the way the duck and the dog come together—it looks like Duck Hunt Dog might be a ton of fun to play. Potentially, Duck Hunt Dog might even be a good character!


I'm not super thrilled by the final smash, but man, you gotta love those taunts:


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Bearded Bastard

Wasn't the dog a giant dick in duck hunt? Sure he collects the dead birds, but he also mocks you when you don't hit them. It's very possible the dog and duck have teamed up, biding their time to take out the hunter