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A Clever Way To Bait An Enemy In Heroes Of The Storm

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I have played exactly nine hundred and ninety-nine games of Heroes of the Storm, and I’ve never seen a Murky player use the frog creature’s egg quite like this.

Murky, for those who don’t know, is unique sort of MOBA character because of the way his egg works. As Will Reilley explained on Kotaku, the egg is essentially a portable respawn location that Murky can install in strategic locations on a map. When an egg is active, Murky’s respawn times are cut down to two or three seconds—which is very handy, since he has almost no hitpoints and is very easy to kill.

This combination of egg-and-low-H means that no matter how many times you kill him, he always comes back. Always. When Murky’s opponent sees an egg or finds Murky when his egg isn’t active, then, he or she will often do crazy things just to try and put the annoying little fucker to sleep for more than three seconds.


The Heroes of the Storm player and YouTuber Ego Trippin (via Reddit) figured he could use Murky’s egg to lure unsuspecting opponents into ambushes, as he shows in this clip:

Let’s slow this down and walk through what he’s doing step-by-step.

First, Murky uses the fact that his egg is down—which makes him visible on the map to the opposing team—to draw the enemy Arthas into what he might’ve thought would be an easy fight:


Now with one enemy down and another only just reviving at his base, Murky plants his egg out in the open:


With the bait planted, the rest of the team gets into position:


(Note: because of where they’re all standing, the blue team is invisible to their opponents right now)

Shortly thereafter, the enemy Kael’Thas takes the bait:


...which is the perfect lead-in to an ambush:


REKT. Poor Kael’Thas!

I’m definitely gonna try this the next time I’m playing with four other friends; seems like the kind of thing that would require a great deal of communication and teamwork.


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