A Clearer, Sharper Look at the New Tales Game

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There's a new Tales role-playing coming out. Last week, Kotaku posted the first concept art images of the game, as well as excerpt from an interview with Tales producer Hideo Baba.


According to Baba, "We want players to be surprised at first and think things like, ‘What is this!?' and ‘I've never seen this kind of Tales game before.'"

Here are the same images—slightly better quality for those curious to see the next Tales game's visuals. They certainly do not look like like previous Tales games, so that's a good start for the team's goal.

新たな世界観でチャレンジする『NEXT TALES OF(仮題)』バンダイナムコスタジオ馬場英雄プロデューサーインタビュー [Famitsu]


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